Monday, November 23, 2009

All for my girl

A few months ago, I was admiring a simple sterling silver locket. I admired, smiled and continued on.

A few months later the locket came to my mind again while enjoying some alone time with Emma. Just as much as I love having a little boy, I love having a little girl. Often, our Saturday afternoon is spent with just Emma and I while David and Eli are off fixing, building or mowing something.

I was thinking about how, even now, I am influencing Emma. As a mother, there will be things she does with her children because I did them with her.

Maybe she'll have a garden and watch her children play in the dirt.
Maybe she'll care less about staining clothing while doing an art project and more about the memory.
Maybe she'll fill her home with the smell of cinnamon because that's my favorite scent.
Maybe she'll have lunch time picnic style on her kitchen floor with her children.
Maybe, just maybe.

This locket became Emma's. I wear it for now but when the time is right, it will be hers and hang from her neck. Until then, it is my responsibility to create the memories.

I want her to remember how I wore the locket while gardening.
I want her to remember how she sat on my lap and opened and closed and opened the locket.
I want her to remember how she admired the locket and knew it would someday become hers.

It's a darling little locket. Simple. No frills. It doesn't need to be fancy, the beauty is how it is worn.

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

I LOVE it! Precious... I may have to find something similar to do!!