Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yesterday I was driving down the interstate. The children were in the backseat. I was enjoying the scenery as I drove while listening to one of my new favorite cd's. I glanced back at Eli and noticed his chewing gum was not in his mouth, it was in his hands and he was playing with it. Choices, I thought, choices. I could turn down the music and tell Eli to put the gum back in his mouth or else I was going to take it away. Or, I could turn back around and continue on my drive enjoying the scenery and music. I chose the latter. We continued on our drive, Eli with gum in his hands, I peacefully watching the scenery and listening to music. The gum thing eventually worked itself out, I'm sure of that.

The other day the children were playing in Eli's room. I was doing a little crafting in the living room. I heard, CRASH and BAM coming from Eli's room. Then, the volume on Eli's cd player went higher and higher. Music could be heard throughout the entire house. I started singing along to the Backyardigans. Choices, I thought, choices. I could go into Eli room, turn the volume down and disturb the joyful mess of a brother and sister. Or, I could continue with my craft and deal with the mess and music later. I chose the latter. I made an adorable necklace and hung it around my neck. I mess and the music eventually worked itself out, I'm sure of that.

Last week, while Emma was sleeping, I sent Eli outside to play with our pups. I heard him running around, giggling with his furry friends. I began cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes. After ten minutes or so, it got quiet. Real quiet. I glanced out the backdoor and notice Eli was soaking wet and playing in the dogs water tub. Choices, I thought, choices. I could forget the kitchen mess, make Eli come inside, give him a bath and change his clothes. Or, I could continue my cleaning and be proud of my super clean kitchen. I chose the latter. I turned around, headed back to the kitchen and continued my cleaning. The soaking wet 3 year old little boy eventually worked itself out, I'm sure of that.

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