Monday, June 1, 2009

Hitching a Ride

This week I'll hitch a ride on an airplane with my two dear children.
We are heading to California.
We are counting down the days.
Here's what we have to look forward to...

Two weeks in a place I called home for 28 years.
I appreciate California so much more now.
The weather.
The mountains.
The beach.
The tree lined streets.
The historic homes.
Driving down my parents tree lined street, I'm always checking out the houses. I have about 10 homes that are my favorite...the craftsman, the victorian, the modern...I love them all.
My dream house is on that street in Southern California.
I'll miss our warm Texas home and the man I'll leave behind.
He has promised to care for our organic garden, to watch and water and harvest and hand pick any unwanted pests. 
I'm sure I'll return home to a sweet bouquet of summer flowers on our breakfast nook table.

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