Monday, June 22, 2009

Boy meets girl

This week, David and I will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. So, I'm dedicating a few posts to our story. Most know all the cheesy details, but I like to reminisce, so let's go back to 1993. Come on, the early 90's were great, we had Beverly Hills 90210 and plaid was in and Brian Adams and don't forget Stussy clothing. Are those things still in? I don't know anymore.
Our high school
We met in high school. Not only high school, but high school marching band. We marched our way through the hot, hot sun of summer pre-season camp. I marched with a flute, David with a trumpet. He was a junior, I was a freshman. I had no idea what I was doing, but that's okay, I met my husband that summer. At 14 years old, I met my 15 year old husband. 

We began dating which meant we walked to class together and sat on the bus together. It was cheesy, but that's us, right? By our one year mark we were pretty much best friends. We spent my sophomore year and his senior year doing all the things seniors do, homecoming, prom, senior ditch day, grad night. By this time we were inseparable. My fondest dating memories are of that year, the summer before my junior year. Every morning would begin with a phone call...
ring, ring, ring
Me: hello.
David: hey, what do you want to do today?
Me: ummmm, how about the beach?
David: sounds good to me.
Me: what time?
David: 10 o'clock. 
Me: cool, I'll see you in a bit.
...I'd drive myself, in my little green Honda Civic hatchback, to David's house and off we went. I had the cute little reliable ride, so we always took my car. We'd spend the day basking at the beach, Huntington Beach, CA, was our beach of choice. Some days we'd roller blade on the boardwalk, other days we'd just sleep in the sand, other times we'd venture off in the ocean or look at shops, some days we'd stay for a bonfire. The days of no worries, no stress, just bliss. 
If we weren't at the beach, we were at the park on our roller blades. I almost died laughing one afternoon when David rolled out of control down a hill. He couldn't stop and was headed for disaster. Instead of disaster, he chose to jump on the grass and roll and roll and roll until he finally stopped, took off his roller blades and called it a day.

Or, we were at Raging Waters, a local California water park. My mom bought us a summer pass, we were there probably 3 days each week. We still laugh about the time we tried to squeeze in one more water slide ride before lunch. If you know me, I cannot skip lunch when I'm in the heat. While in line I passed out. David caught me and with the help of a mother with a ton of children, I was carried to safety under a tree. I laid there passed out in my bathing suit, crowds were around me waiting for me to come to. Most embarrassing I tell you, most embarrassing. 

Or, were were at the Pomona car show with all of David's car friends. All the girlfriends tagged along even though they had no interest what so ever in these car things. David and I walked the swap meet looking for parts for his VW Squareback. My shoulder still hurts from carrying a car door 100 miles because it was a good deal. 

I eventually made it out of high school, we survived a little breakup, went to a few more proms and homecomings and such and off we went into the big bad world of jobs and college and such. 

To be continued...

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Michelle Liebgott-Osinga said...

Hi Melissa, thanks for posting these photos. The photo showing the end of the autotorim brings me back to high school because that is where my friend and I met every morning before class. I'd like to post that on facebook if that is OK with you. Michelle