Monday, May 4, 2009

Dear Emma...

My Dearest Emma,
Saturday your third tooth arrived. You were fussy and cranky. It stormed and rained all day so I couldn't even take you in the garden to cheer you up. The garden always cheers you up. You crawl around in the grass and play in the mulch. Then, you usually take a handful of dirt and eat it. I just look at you, smile and say "that's my girl." If the sun decides to come out this week, we'll drive around these farm roads in search of a lake with ducks. I've been saving some pieces of bread to feed them. Dear Emma...the sweetest little curl appeared in your hair the other day. I've been wishing you would have straight hair like me, but I think you're destine for curly hair like your brother and dad. I love you my sweet lovely. You're asleep right now and the quiet house is lovely. But, I know in the few hours our home will be filled with the sweet sounds of you and your brother playing. 
Your Mother

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