Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Old Switch-a-roo

We did the old switch-a-roo over the weekend.
Here's what went down...
Chunky monkey 20 pound almost 10 month old Emma has outgrown her baby carrier. 
She upgraded to Eli's carseat
Eli got a new luxury carseat. Complete with toy compartments and cup holder
While I was in the garage installing the car seats, I left the children in the house to fend for themselves. 
They got hungry so they found some Cherrios. 
They threw them all over the floor.
Then, they ate them off of the floor.
Then, they pulled every toy out and scattered them all over the floor.
When I say 'they,' I mean Eli of course.
Then, we drove around town proud as can be.
Two children happy in their new seats.
The End.

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