Thursday, April 9, 2009


This is a continuation of my previous three posts...part 4.

God completely transformed David's life. There was nothing I could do but stand in awe of God. Even now, months later, I'm still in awe. Writing these blog posts have reminded me of our journey, one that took us half way across the United States and back.

When David returned, he had the sweetest, most genuine words for me. He apologized for (I'm using his words now) being a jackass for the past 2 years, he thanked me for not giving up on him, he thanked me for being the rock of our family while he was in the valley, he told me just how much I mean to him and how much he appreciates everything I do. Of all the words he said, four words were the most powerful of all, he said, "God loves you Melissa." I've heard that 1000 times, from friends and strangers, but this time, those four words came out of the mouth of a broken, absolutely humbled man whose eyes were opened and who saw the face of God. I often tell David if I wasn't a Christian and had witness this transformation in my husband, I would know, without a doubt, that God is real, that He answers prayers, that He care about his beloved, that He loves His creation. What I mighty God I serve!

David described his trip with the following words...
"There are mountain top retreat experiences, the kind where you go away on a church retreat for a weekend, worship God and such, but, return home and return to your old self. Then...
there are mountain top life transformation experiences, where you'll never be the same again. I saw the face of God that week, I heard the voice of God that week, I experienced the heart of God that week, and, I will never be the same again."

Over the past couple of months, he's personally shared his testimony with family and friends. After doing so, a friend told him, "I listened to your testimony and realized...I want that. I want that experience." Don't we all my friend, don't we all! What makes David's experience so powerful is God brought him to a point where he had nothing else to do but give up. To tell God he gives up, to tell him He needs to move, to lift up his arms and say, "Daddy, please pick me up." David had been unemployed for quite some time prior to this experience. It's crazy to think that God kept him unemployed to allow him to stop trying to figure life out on his own and to be able to take the road trip. When David returned from California, he felt God telling him not to look for a job. Boy, the waiting was hard. Weeks and weeks went by and all David wanted to do was make something happen. He was obedient, and sure enough, mid February he was offered a job. 

I know without a doubt that God isn't through with us. God is still working on us individually, as a couple and as a family. Now, I'm out of words, so, I'll leave you with some music to encourage you.

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart and David's heart. I have my husband back, better than ever, and it is good.

Click HERE to listen to one of my favorite songs.

Oh, and I heart THIS testimony.


caelynnsmom said...
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caelynnsmom said...

I am moved, once again, by David's story and the fact that you are so open to the Holy Spirit's moving and leading in BOTH of your lives.

Thank you for opening up, being vulnerable and sharing your heart with us!


Auntie Num-Nums