Tuesday, April 7, 2009

David took our camera with him to California. He took this video on the mountain top after a long hike with his close friend, John. He didn't realize you have to manually turn on the microphone. I think the video is even more powerful without sound. Just the expressions on David's and John's faces, pure bliss, sharing the heart of God with each other, exploring with a dear friend, experiencing life in Him together.

This post is a continuation of April 6th, 2009 post. 

After David let go of his life, gave Christ all his burdens for Him to do with what he pleased, God began to work on David's heart. A saw something different in him, and at this point I didn't even know about his middle of the night conversation with God. David's outlook on life became bright and colorful, God was creating a new David, it was lovely. One Saturday afternoon, I ran an errand with Emma while David took Eli to the park. I watched as they walked out of the front door hand-in-hand, I so wanted to follow and spy on them because they were just so dang cute. I didn't, I instead packed up sweet Emma and off we went. While we were away, David returned home with Eli, fixed him and himself lunch and sat on the floor next to Eli at his little table. They ate lunch together. In the silence, while watching Eli eat, God showed David what a blessing his son is. How deep the love of a father is. He reminded David of the unconditional, enormous about of love David has for Eli. And that love, is only a fraction of what God feels towards him. David was humbled. He was broken. Often, we think men should be strong and mighty, but God wants all of His children to be broken and humbled before Him. It's in our brokenness that God can work in our lives. While sitting on the floor next to Eli, David sat a broken man, he cried before his Father.

The following day was Sunday. We attend Sunday church service at 4:30 p.m. While showering before church, David heard God tell him, "You need to go to California. You'll stay with John." David has often heard the voice of God, but this request seemed crazy. Our budget was tight enough, he didn't want to spend the money on a California road trip. He hadn't been back to California in two years and he had no desire to do so. Prior to leaving California, David's bitterness had began, he did not want to return to a place he ran from. David's response to God was, "If this is truly you God, I need some confirmation. Please confirm this tonight at church."

Off to church we went. Our pastor spoke on just what David was struggling with, being broken by our sin and broken before God. At the end of the message, the pastor said (something to this effect), "Some of you need to go on a retreat, get away all by yourself, get alone with God." It was crazy, God confirmed it, David sat next to me in church and tears poured down his face. He knew what he had to do, as crazy as it was, he knew what he had to do. 

On the way home from church, David told me about his conversations with God and the confirmation at church. He was still looking for an out. Looking for me to say, "Don't go. You can't leave me alone with two children." I didn't. If I've learned anything from my walk with Christ, it's to not get in the way of what God is doing. David said, "So, what do you think about this?" I replied, "If God said you need to go, I'm not going to argue with Him." Monday afternoon, David called John and told him about what God has called him to do. John replied, "That's awesome, I just had a dream that you were going to come visit me." Another confirmation. In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, David loaded up his car and headed to California. 
Meet me back here tomorrow, same time, same place

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