Monday, March 16, 2009

Best Friends and Backyard Fun

We're always in our backyard. We love it. We bird watch, water the trees, run around with the dogs, throw things in the air and watch as they get stuck on the roof, we play in the dirt, we step in dog poo, we take baths in the dogs bowls, we pass time with smiles on our faces and fresh air in our lungs.
Eli's best friend. Red hair and all. Most days you can find Eli on Brodie's back riding him like a horse. If you saw Brodie in person, you'd quickly find out he's the size of a horse.
Patiently watching our bradford pear tree grow
Have you hugged a tree today?
Here are some thoughts on being the mother of a boy...
I'm a clean freak. Long time blog readers know this already. I vacuum our carpet constantly. Minutes after I vacuum, they are usually covered in Cherrio crumbs again. I've learned to be okay with that. We take our shoes off in our home to minimize dirt tracked in on the carpet. When I'm feeling daring, I run through the house with my shoes on. It feels freeing. I've lightened up quite a bit as Eli has grown into a little boy. Seriously, I've lightened up A LOT. I want my children to grow up in our lovely home knowing it's also theirs. Yes, we have to take care of it, but this is not a museum, I repeat, this is not a museum. Dirt will be tracked on the floor, finger prints will be painted on the walls, paint will chip, wood will scratch, things will break. This home is loved, those "imperfections" give our home character. They show that our home is lived in. We love every corner, we use every corner. God created vacuums, and dusting rags, and mops and brooms...we will use them, we will use them often.

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