Friday, February 6, 2009

My Birthday Review

(I just love this picture. That's all. Thought it would give you a great big Friday smile)
A review of my 30th...
David wanted to throw me a party but I said it probably wouldn't be a great idea since I don't like attention, I don't like when people gather in my name and I especially don't like when people gather in my name and bring me gifts. It just makes me nervous. 
So instead this is what happened:
breakfast with Kelly, 
returned home to a completely clean home,
a color coordinated super organized walk in closet by my husband himself,
off to dinner at B.J.'s,
ate the best pizza,
pottery painting at a super hippy pottery painting joint,
incense and all was being diffused into the air,
so surprised I didn't get a major headache,
had a blast,
not bad being thirty,
I must say.
Happy Friday!

1 comment:

Dawnnie said...

that sounds like an absolutely wonderful birthday! I hope my birthday is as relaxing and low key as yours was! Happy Birthday Melissa!!!!