Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Need of Some New Adventures

We need to go exploring. David, Eli, Emma and I. Because right now at this very moment, I'm out of things to write about. Do you like reading about my crafts? My obsession with vacuuming? My garden? My need to lose my baby weight? Why is it that I just adore Emma's baby rolls, but the baby rolls that are on my body don't look so cute? 

I think if we go out exploring, maybe, just possibly, we'd find something sweet to photograph and then have more blogging ideas. So today, my camera will be traveling with me all day. All day long. As we visit the library this morning for story time and return a way overdue book. We'll smile really big and cute at the librarian when we return it since she did call us personally to remind us about the book. Then the camera will follow us to lunch. And then to Kelly's to drop off my children so I can go pay $50 to have my fingerprints taken so I can teach. Then, maybe we'll come home and I'll photograph Emma while she smiles. Then, I'll encourage Eli to jump on his bed. I think I'll jump with him. Then, to conclude my day of photography, my camera and I, just my camera and I, will head to Wednesday night class. I started school again, remember? We will sit for 3 hours and listen to a lecture on lesson plans given by Harry Wong. See you back tomorrow, with some new adventures.


Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Have a fun adventure! I love reading about all those things! :)

Christine said...

You're cute. Are you being taught by THE Harry Wong? I love his book that I got from my old district out in CA. If so, I'm sure you will have a great time.