Thursday, July 24, 2008

2 Week Mark

I have survived.
I'm a mother of two and I have made it to the two week mark.
This is fun, piece of cake, right?
Well, I must admit I'm having fun and most of the time it's a nice big piece of red velvet cake.
Truth is, I'm blessed. God has definitely had mercy on me with my second child. She's sweet, she's easy going, she sleeps A LOT, I am blessed. I'm getting better sleep now than I did when I was pregnant, Eli is adjusting well (even though he's ditched his new big boy bed and he's back to sleeping in his crib...see future post) and I have the most awesome husband. Let me explain:
1) Emma sleeps, she really does sleep. She sleeps with me but I don't mind, I like it, I love that she sleeps. Most nights she only wakes up two times to eat. Don't tell my peditrician that I don't wake her up to feed every 3-4 hours like she recommends. That's just crazy, waking up a sleeping newborn in the middle of the night, that's just crazy!! I love my baby girl, I love that she sleeps.
2) Sweet Emma is growing on sweet Eli. He gives her her pacifier, tickles her, rubs her soft head and gives her sweet kisses. I love my little boy, I love that he's sweet.
3) David is just David. He's thoughtful, fun, silly, sweet and cute. He gets up with Eli in the morning and allows me to sleep in with Emma. He reminds me that I need to take it easy because I just gave birth to a human being. He looks at me and tells me how skinny I am even though I have baby weight to lose. He does the dishes because he knows how much I hate doing them. He eats leftovers. He changes diapers. He takes Eli to go potty. He takes our dogs running. I love my husband, I love that he's mine.

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

VERY SWEET! She sounds like such a good baby. Hopefully I'll get to meet her in October! :)