Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas in kindergarten

tomorrow, my friends, is the last day of kindergarten until after christmas and the new year. to say i'm excited is an understatement. my hope for the next few weeks is that the days go by slow. we, of course, cannot actually make the clock tick at a slower pace, but, we can choose to breathe a bit deeper and open our eyes a bit wider to catch some of the small details we sometimes miss.

i have so many ideas of things i want to do and create over the next two weeks. if i accomplish them all, great. if i don't do a single one, great. 

so this afternoon, i spent some time in my son's classroom for his kindergarten christmas party. we...
took a picture by the whoville christmas tree. 
smiled by the classroom christmas tree. 
made a sugar cone christmas tree. but really, he just licked the frosting off the knife. 
and we just spent time together. because, that's all that matters. 

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