Saturday, October 15, 2011

a child's mind

i love a child's mind. love, love, love it. 

i love how they can see one object and make it something completely different. my boy can sit in front of a pile of hundreds of legos and build rockets and cars and forts. my girl came to me this morning with a variety of toy screws and asked me if i wanted a lollipop. 

i think life tends to squash this part of our mind. the part that dreams and hopes for things beyond the bubble we call home. but, there are a handful of us who somehow, had this preserved. there are a handful of us who even though life has pushed spreadsheets and numbers and paychecks and politics in our face, we have held on to the idea that things can remain simple. we have held on to those simple things like star gazing and cloud watching and listening to a song so close you find yourself engulfed in the words. we believe in those things and we believe in keeping things simple to avoid missing the special details in life that are often overlooked. 

so as emma came to me this morning with her collection of lollipops, i gladly took a bite from each and every one of them. over and over and over again. 

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