Monday, August 8, 2011


we have this rhythm in our home. it's this gentle cadence that only we can hear. we live, all four of us, within the walls of a few thousand square feet.

today, i heard the rhythm a bit more than usual. it was about 5 o'clock. eli was playing games on the computer. david was researching a few current events. i was organizing the chaos of the children's rooms with emma by my side. the four of us were not saying a word. we were working separately, but yet, at the same time, we were all tapping to the same beat.

it's this rhythm. it reminds us that our home is alive and well. that we are safe to be us, to be creative, to take risks, to love, to throw an idea out there and know it will be embraced.

so as i headed outside at 8pm, i sat in our driveway in the still summer air. i watched the sunset while my barefoot children rode their scooters in the street. i had a moment, semi alone, to smile. to smile because part of what makes me me, is this family. and i couldn't be more content.

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Anne B. Parker said...

I love your writings, they really tug at my heart, the way you bring all of your life and the life of your family alive. The magic, the joy, so peaceful and so serene.When I read I can see all of your family, your little ones busily doing what they do.You are so unique and special in the way God created you and gave you such a beautiful gift. Your words sing such a beautiful song and I love the melody.May God bless the skills of your hands and always give you the best of everything!


Anne Parker

May God bless and touch the skills of your hands and give you the finest of every thing.