Friday, June 10, 2011

a curl

when i was pregnant with emma, i told my best friend over and over again, "if i'm having a girl, i hope she has hair just like your daughter." her daughters hair is straight, straight, straight. 

i'm so glad i got the girl i wanted, but, i'm glad she doesn't have the hair i thought i wanted her to have. 

emma has the most lovely curls. i drool over her curls. everywhere i take her, strangers walk up to me and comment on her perfect curls. 

i cut her hair. GASP! before my mother and mother-in-law pass out, let me explain. there's one curl that hangs perfectly across her forehead. i cut that one and that one only. here's the proof. 

it was a tad bit too long so i trimmed it. her first hair cut. i labeled the single curl, put it in a ziplock bag and into her memory box it went. 

mom and shari, you can breath again. 

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Oh Melissa, she is just WAY too cute! The curls really are precious!