Monday, June 13, 2011

this girl

this girl. 

she's a mini version of me with blue eyes and curly hair. she follows me around the house, tugs on my skirt when she wants something, throws herself on the floor when she wants attention and changes her mind from one extreme to the next in a split second. yep, she's a mini version of me. 

she puts my clothes on and tries to wear my glasses, even though she is totally going to have her dad's perfect 20/20 eyes and not need glasses at all. she found her pacifier the other day and has allowed me to call her 'my baby' as long as i agree to let her have it. 

i named her emma because i have always adored the name. even though the name is oh so popular right now, i knew i had to have an emma. had to. 

right now, she won't let go of 3 mermaid dolls. we took them to the pool and she cried when i tried to throw them in the water. don't mermaids love water anyways? she burned her finger on the stove on thursday. broke my heart but i'll tell you, she won't do that again. 

so my girl. the one i dreamed about so many years ago. i am enjoying her and love that she's mine. 

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