Tuesday, May 3, 2011


yesterday was grey. today the sun was shining bright. it was as if the sun was trying to compensate for its absence yesterday.

david and i have a ten year plan. nothing written, it's locked away in our minds. we were driving through the cute and small downtown of this little town we live in. david looked to his left and said, "that's a nice house. it's just a little out of place." one new house among a street full of older homes with crazy character. i replied a little off topic, "i would live in a small 700 square foot cottage with our family of four if it was on the beach." "i would too," he replied and there we added another item to our ten year plan.

last night the house was quiet. the kids were sleeping and i wanted to take a shower, but i was stalling. i kept walking half way to the bathroom, then i'd turn around to talk with david. "i want to go to maui again," i said. "i still think we should move to maui and buy a 700 square foot condo on the beach." david replied, "sounds good to me. we'd be outside all the time so the size wouldn't matter." "i'll add that to our ten year plan," i said and i finally went to take a shower.

i wonder what it is that makes me dream of such things? really i'm just happy that after all these years, i still dream. i don't ever want to lose that.

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