Tuesday, April 19, 2011


the past two days, i've harvested more strawberries then we could eat. in previous seasons, we'd pick 2-3 a day during high tide. i always felt like a selfless mom because i'd let the children eat them all even though i was drooling to taste the fruits of my labor.

this year, i get to enjoy a few because strawberries keep coming. our lips are stained. strawberry tops litter the grass in the garden. we finish the fruit and do our best to toss the top of the strawberry to the pups to enjoy. we miss almost every single time. poor pups.

the birds are also enjoying our strawberries. it makes me feel a bit special that they would take the time to swoop down in my garden for a treat. but, BUT, they have nibbled at a few of my prize winning strawberries, so i'm researching how to keep them away. david and i are gulping down wine to see if a few empty wine bottles turned upside down and resting on a wooden dowel will scare them from the strawberries. one more glass or two and we will see.

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Lj Salceda said...

John and I love strawberries!!! :)