Saturday, April 23, 2011

in the garden...a photo essay

the garden is alive and well, and so am i. parenting right now is a bit challenging. i don't know if i'm the one who is 'off' these days, or if it's the children. the past few days seems to be my most challenging time as a mother. 

my remedy for this time is to escape to the garden. while the children blow bubbles and swing and play in the dirt, i turn my ipod up and shuffle my hands through the dirt and greens. 
the strawberries are hanging out of the boxes. i like to think they are trying to kiss the mint leaves.
the ripe ones hide behind zucchini leaves to avoid the birds. 
a bowl full of freshly picked strawberries. they are still in the fridge. i'm thinking an afternoon smoothie. 
the cherry tomatoes are perfectly round. 
a few empty wine bottles placed next to the plants with hopes to keep the birds away. 
i didn't start any seeds indoors this year. i just popped a few (dozen) green bean seeds in the dirt and look what we have. no signs of beans yet, but it won't be long. 
and again, my intentional lack of labeling my garden has me wondering if these are zucchini or squash or cucumber seeds i planted just a few weeks ago.

i like the whole process of gardening. the laborious work preparing the beds. the calmness of planting. the anticipation of watching things grow. the delight of harvest. it's kind of addicting really. 

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