Thursday, March 31, 2011

diary of a mother - part 6 of 7,459

i am a mother and i'm constantly cleaning. i walk through the kitchen barefoot and realize the floor needs to be swept . i have managed to potty train my baby girl only to find i miss changing diapers. i wear skirts more than i wear shoes and find that i too, use my skirt as a napkin. 
i am a mother and i wear buzz lightyear band-aids. i wear them proud too. at any given time, you can find a matchbox car at the bottom of my purse. i travel to far away lands where my girl and i become princesses and the only responsibility we have is to remove our crown before heading to bed. 
i am a mother and i'm just as amazed daily at my children as they are of me. i give high fives when my boy recognizes the number 440 or when my girl spits the toothpaste out of her mouth rather than swallowing it. 

i am a mother and i wouldn't want to be anything else. 

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