Wednesday, November 10, 2010

craft room

my dream craft room would have french doors to the garden. huge windows that are never covered and always open. and possibly a coat of really bright paint. until then, i am in love with this room. 

i cannot stand the name "office." for some reason it bothers me. every single time david slips and calls the craft room "the office," i quickly give him the ever so loving "eye" and he smiles back at me. 

my craft room is a collection of everything i love. craft supplies. bunting. robins egg blue painted walls. bright storage boxes. ribbon and glitter and birds and glue. twine and beads and magazines and photographs. 

what else could a girl want?

you know you've arrived when your work has been displayed on our fine art wall. a few of my dad's favorite photographs. seasonal artwork made by the children. delightful i tell you.

nothing matches yet everything matches. such a perfectly imperfect room and quite possibly my favorite. 

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