Wednesday, August 18, 2010

dear mom & dad...

dear mom & dad,
i'm homesick right now. it's bad. real bad. not sure why either, i was just there. 

i was sitting in the passenger seat yesterday, driving down the highway. children in tow. david caught me dreaming. he was talking to me and i was staring at clouds. as i do often.
i was dreaming about browsing the isles of trader joe's. stopping to pick out every flavor of fruit leather. buying a few (dozen) bottles of two buck chuck for david. picking out a colorful bunch of daisies, my favorite flower. and those cinnamon almonds. never. would. forget. those. 
i was dreaming about the little beach side community where i photographed this door. the crazy amount of people walking down the sidewalk. there was the most perfect break in foot traffic just so i could snap a shot of the greatness of this red door.  
i was dreaming about seeing this vw on the road. a 1966 i believe. how if i owned a little treasure like this, it would be all stock. head to toe stock. 

i miss you and although i miss california dearly, i know texas is where i should be at this moment. as hard as it is, this is my current home. 

so here we are, us in a brick home, you in stucco. 
so here we are, us enjoying 1000 degrees of summer, and as dad reminded me you are basking in the low to mid 80's.
so here we are, and there you are. 
i miss you. tons.

your daughter

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