Friday, July 30, 2010

take a seat

because i love benches and i practically take a picture of each one i pass

home from california and could not be happier. it seems i will be blogging about my trip for quite some time. so, here's a bench. take a seat. we'll start monday.

first, home.

home felt lovely. walked through the door after 1:00 am on friday. home smelled perfect. i laid the children in their beds, took a long shower and enjoyed the comfort of my own bed. the craftsman furniture in our bedroom has never looked so good. i was reunited with my sonicare toothbrush. i slept until 11:00 am and woke to the sun shining on our breakfast nook table. i stayed in bum wear until 4:00 pm. i am slowly unpacking. and i stepped outside into the texas heat to fetch tomatoes and a cucumber from the garden for our dinner salad. blogging from the comfort of a perfect red couch.

see you monday. tons to share.

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