Monday, April 12, 2010

Garden Update

The garden is flourishing.
Here's the proof:
The tomato plants are in their cages. 

The tomato plants are flowering. Remember, flick those blooms to help with pollination. 

Mystery plant...solved! Green onions. Now I remember planting them last season to help keep away pests. 

Zucchini plants are growing like crazy. Still cannot believe I started these little guys from seed.

Marigolds are smiling. Onions are growing. Little seedlings are sprouting. No idea what they are though, this was Eli's doing. 

Oh, the strawberries. They are blooming like crazy. 

Then, the fruit arrives. Everyday Eli asked if they are ripe. We'll eat them straight from the garden. No washing needed!

Over the past couple of months, your blog comments, emails, phone calls and face-to-face conversations have brought be more joy then you will ever know. This little garden of mine has inspired many of you to garden and I am thrilled. This garden started as a dream when we moved into our little cull-de-sack in 2006. Watching it grow and the memories we create are priceless.

Be prepared my friends. This spring will be bountiful.


smith mama of 2 said...

i love it...looks delicious. we are anxiously awaiting a plentiful harvest this summer as well. funny story i thought of while reading yours, as you were wondering what some of the plants were. last spring i had set out to plant broccoli. i prepped the area and began digging small areas for the seeds. forgetting i had opened up the package, i bent down to pick something up. out came ALL of the seeds in one small area. i managed to pick up several of them and tried to plant them in the correct place. nothing became of those little seeds for the LONGEST time and then all of the sudden...up from the grave it arose...some green! we ended up with more broccoli than any one family could ever want or need. it gave us a good laugh though. happy planting (and harvesting!)-rebekah

k a r i s a said...

i'm curious what you mean by flick the tomato blossoms?