Saturday, February 13, 2010

In love.

I fell in love this week. I have never experienced this kind of love because I've always lived in California. What a treat, Texas!

We woke up Friday to even more snow. We lost power which meant a snow day for us all. We threw snowballs, we kicked snow on each other, we played baseball with snowballs, we stood in the middle of our cul-de-sack and chatted with neighbors, we enjoyed every moment of this winter treat.

I left a little girl sleeping, and two boys shoveling the driveway because I had a date with my new camera and lens (thanks Dad!). Just the two of us walked in knee high fluff. We photographed everything. I'm sad that it might be melting soon.

300+ pictures taken over the past two days. 1,000 smiles had. 10 snowballs eaten. 50 snowballs thrown. 2,000 pounds shoveled. 10,000 hours of fun.

In. Love. With. Snow.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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