Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I love

It's been blowout city over here. 
You know what I mean.
Stinky. I'm telling you.

Last night was just that. Stinky. "Time for a bath," I said. 
After the children were clean, I wrapped them in hooded towels and then our normal routine began of me holding Emma, wrapped in a towel, in my lap, until she was warm. 

I held Emma tight when Eli walked in. He sat down next to us in his hooded towel and said, "Emma has cute eyes."

My heart just melted and I started dreaming of the friendship Eli and Emma will share as they grow together. 

I love these children. I love that Eli thinks Emma's eyes are cute. I love that Eli steals Emma's fruit snacks and she doesn't care. I love that Eli runs to Emma's room in the morning when he hears she's awake. I love and it's the best feeling in the world.

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Blessed Mama said...

Precious post! It was nice talking with you and your sweet hubby last night. You are such a wonderful family.