Thursday, January 14, 2010

Run, don't walk

I am on a mission to dress American women with cute shoes. Ever since I laid my eyes on my first pair of flower shoes back in 2004, my mom and I have been on a mission to find all the cutest little flower shoes in the world. Here are three of my favorites, the first pair being my ultimate favorite pair.

Monday afternoon I was browsing the isles at Target. I didn't have anything in particular to buy. I was alone. No children. Just me time. It was lovely. I turned down the shoe isle and these little beauties caught my eye.

I got excited. I said out loud, "I must take these home!" Which I did and I wore them today on a perfect rainy day. They are golden, and comfortable, and the cutest little golden pair of flower shoes I have ever seen.

So, my friends, run, don't walk to your nearest Target and pick up these beauties for a mere $12.99.

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Anonymous said...

Mel super cute!!! i think I might get my self some for work=)