Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday bliss

Saturday was bliss. 1:00 pm. All the windows in our home were open. It was time for my girl to take a nap. I could have easily just picked her up and placed her in her crib where she typically falls asleep on her own. No. Saturday was different. I held her in my arms, took her to my bed, fluffed the pillows and there we laid. Her on my chest. My chin touching her fuzzy covered head. I sang "goodnight sweetheart," and kept beat on her bottom. Her little toes wiggled as if she was keeping beat along with me. And then, she stopped. I laid there for a few minutes thanking God for my sweetest little blue eyed, red headed baby girl. I got up, walked down the hall and placed her in her crib. I wanted to freeze time so I grabbed my camera, leaned over the crib railing and took these shots.

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