Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Autumn Home

Welcome to our home in autumn.
Inside is of course decorated with orange, pumpkins, handmade goodies and such.
Outside is dressed with scarecrows and pumpkins.
The lovely fall air has brought my mums and marigolds into full bloom.
The mums are even brighter and bigger than last year.
Pumpkins are hidden in the garden.

Last night I had a dream. I dreamed of California in autumn. The seasons are not as dramatic, but just as beautiful. The grass remains green, the days are 80+ degrees, the leaves on my parents maple trees turn bright orange and fall off the branches. The fall, oh how we love the fall. Sitting under the trees while the leaves dive to the ground. Eli runs around stepping on each and every leaf. I woke up in Texas, which is perfectly fine, but, I missed my parents.

Dad, when the trees by the pool turn bright, bright red. You know, that perfect fall red. Would you please gather up a handful of them and put them in the mail? We're waiting patiently at the mailbox!

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