Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I was working in the garden. Watering. Clearing room from my fall planting. Daydreaming. Enjoying watching a sparrow carry away a worm for an afternoon treat. That butterfly returned. You know, the same butterfly I see practically daily, or I tell myself it's the same butterfly. I was pruning my rose bush and it reminded me of how God has been working on me during this past year. I clipped all the dead buds off the bush so the true beauty of it can be seen. Once the dead blooms were removed, all the deep crimson petals jumped out at me. So, I decided to clip a few to enjoy on our breakfast nook table. 
I picked a bowl full of tomatoes. During this past year, God has taken my small little seed like faith and created something delicious with it. I'm a worry wart by nature. God has turned this worrier into one who has her eyes on Him and Him alone. Layoffs? No big deal. Low bank account? I serve the Creator of money so what is there to worry about? Economy? It's God's economy. This worry wart has been delivered and I will never return to my old self again!
This past year has been a roller coaster and yet, it's been one of the best years of my life. We've seen God move in ways that only He can. I think the words of Anne Graham Lotz speak volumes:
"I don't want sympathy, 
I don't want money, 
I don't want recognition, 
I don't want to escape, 
I don't even want a miracle! 
Just give me Jesus!"
(from her book Just Give Me Jesus)

I leave you with a song. Click HERE.

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