Monday, August 3, 2009

Locked up

The day I locked up the children so I could have some time to myself was one of those days...
One of those days when too many things were spilled on the floor
I couldn't get a single thing done because
I would pick something up and the children would tear it down again
One of those days when the dishes were stinky
And all I wanted to do was wash them
But, Emma insisted on climbing in the dishwasher to grab a steak knife or two
One of those days when I just needed an hour to pick up the house
And mop the sticky floor
And vacuum the crumby carpet
One of those days when I probably really needed a long nap
But, the afternoon got away from me
And, I was left having to drink a soda to keep me going.

So, I set up a barrier between me and the children
Eli tried to climb over but I gave him the stare
You know, the stare that only a mother can give
They both cried but I just worked away and it felt good.

We were reunited after an hour or so
Then, I was able to relax, read some books, play tickle and laugh because...
Within 30 minutes the crumbs returned and the floor was sticky.

All is well. For the love of motherhood, all is well.

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