Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why I garden...

Gardening brings me joy beyond belief. I remember growing up, I talked my dad into helping me plant a garden. We planted seeds, probably of every kind. I remember planting carrots. I was way too impatient and pulled the carrot tops out of the ground because it seemed like they had been growing for a lifetime. All that came up were roots. 
I remember the summer before my sophmore year in high school, my mom and I went to the garden store early in the morning. We bought a bunch of flowers and I spent the rest of the afternoon on the porch gardening. 

I remember when David and I were living in our honeymoon apartment. It was spring, the most beautiful time in California. I had spring fever and bought a few terra cotta pots to plant herbs on our kitchen window sill. 

I remember our first home in Ontario. I was attending college and ditched studying for finals because my garden beds were calling me. Instead, I spent Saturday afternoon planting flowers. 
I remember when we moved into our Texas homestead. I was excited about our new home but most excited about my future garden. I had a dream, it took two growing seasons, but it came to pass. I'm in the garden constantly. I lay in the grass with my son. I pick bounty after bounty daily. It's more than a hobby to me, it defines part of who I am. 

I am a gardener and it is glorious.

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Christine said...

Hi Melissa! You look great and I love your gardening obsession. I am so happy to catch up on what you are doing and loving all of your stories and photos. You are one talented person. Take care!!