Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Her Funny Faces

Last night Eli begged me not to put Emma down for the night. It was 9pm and he wasn't done playing. He's falling in love, he's falling in love with his little sister. It only took a year.

Today I'm dreaming of this little girl. I'm dreaming of the funny faces she often makes. I'm dreaming of what she is today and what she's going to be. I'm dreaming of the day when she sits along side of me and gardens her heart out. I'm raising two little gardeners. Two little gardeners who find joy in growing their own food, digging in the soil and working the garden daily. I love that. I'm dreaming of fall when we'll visit the pumpkin patch and pick out the most perfect orange ball. I'm dreaming of my children appreciating that I take joy in decorating our home for each season and holiday, big and small. I'm dreaming of my dear daughter, her little Gerber baby face and how even strangers comment on how perfect she is. Today I'm just dreaming, often, my life seems like a dream. Who could ask for more? A cozy home, a working garden, a lovely husband, two most adorable children, it is well with my soul.

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