Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Care Package

My parents send the best care packages. I call them 'California in a box.' I told that to one of my California friends the other day and she said, "so, just in case I ever move out of state, tell me what your 'California in a box' consists of so I'll know what I'll miss about living here." So here it is...what I miss most about California is my parents. I wish I could just have them jump in a box and have the UPS man delivery them to my doorstep for a mere $15.00 of shipping costs. But, that's not possible. The next best thing is when my mom puts together a little care package. The package usually consists of a few little toys for the children, a craft book or magazine, Trade Joe's cinnamon almonds, jelly belly's and I'll confess, there's usually a new cardigan or shirt for me. But, the best thing about the box is the smell. Upon arrival, I grab a pair of scissors, carefully slide them across the tape, open the box and take a sniff. Ahhhh, my parents house. The box traveled hundreds of miles from Southern California to North Texas, was probably handled by 10+ people and yet, the air inside still smells like my parents house. The house I love, the house with the mountain view, the house with the big, bright windows, my home away from home. The smell usually lasts a couple days, then fades away and we wait...we wait for the next delivery.
New horse from Grandpa and Grandma
Let's go for a ride
Let's take a fall

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