Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Braving the Heat

It's way too hot outside. But, we cannot stay indoors. Our garden needs us and we need our garden. This is what Eli and I do while Emma is sleeping (it's a bit too hot for baby girl to enjoy the garden this year)...
Smile back at the marigolds
Hang leftover corn on the cob in our tree for our feathered friends
Check out the most unusual tomatoes growing on the most unusual tomato vine. I can't figure this one out. Snowman tomatoes? What do you think?
We harvest. 
We discovered if we harvest our tomatoes just as they turn a pinkish color, then, the birds don't feast on them before we do
We do what little boys should do. Get dirty, get water everywhere and get nice and flush from the rays of the sun
Oh, and when this little man gets sweaty, his hair becomes super curly

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