Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Friday afternoon, while Emma slept, I had two choices of what to do with my time.
Choice #1...sleep in heavenly peace in our perfectly unmade bed
Choice #2...cut our jungle of a lawn
It wasn't easy. The nap was calling my sleepy name. I chose the lawn, to surprise my husband when he returned home from work. One less thing for him to do on Saturday afternoon. 

It took twice as long for me to cut because I had a little boy helping me. He pushed the mower along with me. My heart melted when he would look up at me with a big smile. He knew he was helping me, his little boy heart was filled with joy, he knew we would be surprising Dad. As we mowed the crickets jumped out of the grass because we disturbed their home. We paused as we watched a bird swoop down to enjoy a tasty treat. That's it, that's what staying home with my children is all about, to witness those moments with them. 

We finished almost two hours later. Shared a juice box and went inside. 

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