Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Dear Eli and Emma,
You two are amazing. The way you smile. The way you turn cloudy days into perfect spring weather. Creating dear childhood memories for you is my hearts desire.

I know you will not remember what kind of car we drove, luxury or economy...what you will remember are the long walks we took. How we explored. How we smiled. How I would always pack snacks because a quick walk always turned into a three hour tour. 
I know you will not remember whether we had a fancy house or not...what you will remember are the hours we spent in our garden. How I let you play in the mud and didn't worry about your clothing or I didn't care whether you ate dirt for dinner.
I know you will not remember whether we had tons of money to take expensive trips to foreign lands. What you will remember is how our home always felt safe and warm. How we could travel to worlds afar while reading books and using our imaginations.
What I hope you remember is how I loved you. How I woke up with you in the middle of the night. How I made homemade pizza for you every week. How our home smelled after baking sugar cookies, or whole wheat squash muffins. How we would harvest veggies from our garden and bring them inside for dinner. How I loved flowers. How we painted with our fingers, how we colored mostly on paper, sometimes on the wall, how we glued our fingers together, how when we used glitter, we always ended up with it on our faces. 
My beloved children, may you grow up to be carefree, may you laugh, may you take joy in the simple, may you be you.

Your mother

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