Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank You's & Prayers

I was chatting with Jesus this afternoon and this is what I was thanking Him for:
-Two healthy children
-A complication free pregnancy and birth
-A helpful husband who was an awesome labor coach
-Food, all the food we've received this week since we've been home from the hospital
-Our home, a warm place to raise our children, a place where they feel safe, a place that I haven't really left since I got home from the hospital on Saturday
-My health, I've been healing so well from the birth. I drove myself and Emma to the pediatrician yesterday and the staff was in shock that I was able to do so. I've already lost 15 pounds! Praise the Lord!!
I probably had 100 more things that I thanked God for...
Things I'm praying for at the moment:
-The Latch, know what I'm talking about
-Eli to return to his previous sleep patterns. What happened? I'm still not sure. These days at night you can find all four of us sleeping in our bed at night
-My neck, darn kink...go away
-A safe flight to Texas for my parents tomorrow
-That I loose 15 more pounds quickly!

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Christine said...

Emma is such a beautiful little baby. I'm so happy for you!! Take it easy!