Tuesday, June 7, 2011

she sleeps

am i the only mother who cannot seem to get her children in bed before 10pm these days? am i the only mother who could care less about scheduled bedtime? 

you see, june 21st marks the first day of summer. but, in our home, summer has already arrived. 

summer means the chores can wait because the pool is calling.
summer means we cook more dinners outdoors than indoors.
summer means tan lines and coconut scented skin and ponytails.
summer means we stay out until 9pm dusk, then head inside for a bath to wash the day away.
summer means emma's curls are oh so darling because of the humidity in the air.
summer means no schedule at all. 
summer means sunset bike rides.
summer means sleepy little eyes that will rest their heads just about anywhere. 
summer means skirts and shorts and flipflops and dresses.
summer means vacationing in california.
summer means i'm in love. and i am. 

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