Monday, January 31, 2011

steady days

i'm reading a book. and it's not an audiobook which is a miracle. steady days by jamie c. martin, a journey toward intentional, professional motherhood. i'm just a few chapters in. i don't know why i was drawn to this book. perhaps it was the title.

i sat on the kitchen counter saturday night after a long day away from home. i opened the book and began to read. i'm really picky about the types of parenting books i read. i don't like books with do's and don'ts of parenting. i don't like books that attempt to put myself or my child on a schedule or in a category. a few months into my life as a mother, i received the best advice, "throw the books away," a friend told me. and that i did. when eli was almost 2, i started reading the strong-willed child by james dobson. two chapters into it i realized i don't have a strong-willed child, i have a 2 year old. so i placed the book on the shelf and it's still there.

so steady days. so far i like it because there's no do's and don'ts. it's mothering as YOU, but with intention. i'll let you know as i keep turning the pages.

truth is, the title did draw me in. because really what i want for my children are steady days. all i want to do is create a home where these two little people who bring me such joy, can feel warmth and love and wonder and creativity. the world around may be spinning, but our home is still and safe.

so here's to a steady week. hope yours is too.

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