Tuesday, January 25, 2011

square foot garden update

yesterday, the children and i worked away in the garden. it felt good to put my hands in the soil. to clear out old growth and welcome new. i planted potatoes and spring bulbs. i probably planted them way too late but just like myself, my garden does not work on a schedule. 
i filled up the pool and the children played boats and princesses and made mud. 
i found even more broccoli growing. 
and i was so tempted to harvest, but thought i'd wait and see just how big broccoli can grow. 
the carrots. gosh, i have no idea what's going on underground. i keep waiting to see orange peeking out. but so far, nothing. 
i looked at the green onions and actually wondered if they were yellow onions. my curiosity got the best of me and...
i pulled some out of the ground to see. but nope, green onions for sure. 

we have lots of planning to do over the next couple of months. like deciding how i want to rotate my crops. what to plant. start seedlings. top off all 10 boxes with fresh compost. 

i was blog surfing the other day and found the most inspiring picture of a square foot garden. a symphony of the most beautiful flowers mixed with the deliciousness of veggies. that's my vision for this years garden. it will be grand. 

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