Saturday, July 10, 2010

party of three

on sunday, emma grace will turn two years old.

i remember these last few days we spent as a party of three.
i remember walking to the park with eli and wondering if my water was going to break.
i remember napping with eli in his bed.
i remember watching my belly move and wondering if a baby boy or baby girl was inside.
i remember my best friend and i, pregnant together, discovering a little bakery to embrace our pregnancy cravings.
i remember eli kissing my belly and knowing he didn't fully understand how our family was about to change.
i remember walking through costco while in labor and knowing in just a few hours i would hold a baby.
i remember going on weekly dates with david because i wanted nothing more but to cherish our together time.
i remember working in the garden and my belly getting in my way.
i remember walking into the hospital, leaning up against a wall during a contraction and looking into david's eyes while he told me how incredible i am.
i remember hearing i have a daughter.
i remember saying her sweet name for the very first time.

it was only two years ago, yet it feels like ages. may i always remember these precious details, even in twenty.

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

i remember guessing you were having a boy and being shocked to find out it was a girl! Happy birthday, sweet Emma!