Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ending to the day.

tonight i laid in bed with eli and read him three books. every night we read three books. tonight we read this, this and this. well, i actually sang the frosty book because it's way too hard to just read it.

eli turned to me, as he does often and said, "momma...cuddle?"

i kissed him on the forehead, cuddled and we read.

after, he turned to me once again and said, "i want to be just like daddy."

"why?" i asked.

"because then i can use the lawnmower all by myself. and use a snake knife to cut up my food." he replied.

his words made me melt. i then kissed him once again. turned off the light. and walked down the hallway with a huge smile.

a priceless moment. a perfect ending to the day.

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