Monday, October 12, 2009

Dear Mom

This picture is for you mom. Just because you love when Emma stands like this.
Dear Mom,
I miss you so I'm dedicating this post to you.

Today I wore my winter boots. You know, the ones you bought me so I can wear my skirts when it's cold. I love wearing them because they remind me of you. Come to think of it, I think I'll wear them to bed tonight.

Remember when I was living at home. Remember that one Friday or Saturday night when we were both bored, so we went to TJ Maxx and walked around the store for hours?
Remember the day or two before Eli was born? How the Santa Ana winds had come through and blew 3 feet of leaves on our front yard? Remember how I made you come over and help me rake them all up because I wanted to surprise David when he got home? Remember how the lady across the street was looking at you like you were totally crazy for allowing me to do that type of yard work when I was so big and pregnant? Remember how stubborn I am? How you couldn't have stopped me if you wanted to so you just agreed to help?
Remember when I was pregnant with Eli and I called you one day at 3pm and said, "you have to come over and help me sew the curtains for the nursery?" You were at my house by 3:30pm and we finished the curtains by 6pm.
Remember how we would stand there in the fabric store, we would calculate over and over how much fabric we would need for our new project, but we always ended up buying way too much fabric? Remember how we could never follow a sewing pattern? How we always had to do it our way, because our way is so much better.
Remember when we were shopping for a dress for you? You tried on a yellow dress and swore you looked like Big Bird. Remember how we couldn't stop laughing?
Remember when we would play 'supervisor' at the office? Only you and I know what that means, oh, and the people who had to watch us day after day play that silly little game that we loved to play. Remember when we went to the Dr. Phil show? How they sat us right up front. How we were afraid we were actually going to be on camera. Remember how much make-up Dr. Phil had on?
Remember when you made taco salad and the four of us sat outside by the pool and ate dinner?
Remember when I was in high school? We were driving down Foothill Blvd. headed to the garden store and it started snowing?
Remember when we were driving down Grove Avenue and the San Francisco earthquake happened? Remember when I was in elementary school and you made me that big, round, orange pumpkin costume for Halloween? Remember how I didn't realize until I was at school that it was so big and round that I couldn't sit down? Remember how I had to stand up the entire day because I didn't bring a change of clothes?

I remember it all and I miss you.

Your daughter

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