Monday, October 5, 2009

Closed for the Season

Our spring garden is done for the year. It was a glorious garden. Our first square foot garden. Our first raised bed garden. Who knew just a few handmade garden boxes could yield such joy to our family.

I was reflecting on what this year brought me in garden knowledge. I am not a rule follower. I don't garden by the book, I garden mostly on my instincts and reference my one gardening book here and there. I love the trial and error method to life. It's not about getting things right the first time, the fun is in the process of getting things right.

This year, my garden taught me a few things:
1) Build more boxes, fill them up, plant more, it's fun.
2) Leave melon growing to the farmers.
3) Corn, not worth it. Buy it from the store, each stalk only yields an ear or two, I'd rather use the space for something more bountiful.
4) Plant strawberries, lots of them but once picked, don't expect them to leave the garden...they are meant to be eaten on the spot.
5) Be patient with your bell peppers, give them lots of water, they yield peppers at the end of the season.
6) You can't have too many tomato plants. Tomatoes are fun to give away.
7) Cucumbers and zucchini grow fast!
8) Plant lettuce in your fall garden rather than spring, the heat can cause lettuce to go bitter.
9) Every garden needs basil, just for the lovely scent.
10) There's nothing like needing a bell pepper while fixing dinner, walking outside and picking it straight from the garden.

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