Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Girl

The minute I saw this baby girl, I had to have her. I labored quickly. There was complete silence in the room while she began her grand entrance into this world. I would push, in between pushes I would close my eyes and doze off into dreamland. I don't remember what I dreamed about but I'm sure it was lovely. I remember David and I making bets in between pushes on when our sweet baby would finally arrive, I won. I remember when everyone cheered via cell phone text messages..."It's a girl," David typed, "Her name is Emma Grace!" I remember how my mom told me she couldn't sleep. I called her on the way to the hospital between contractions. She waited, by the phone, until she heard she finally had her granddaughter. She always wanted a blue eyed baby, she got one!
I'm so in love with this baby girl. In the morning, I often find her laying in her crib waiting for me to arrive and deliver her morning bottle of milk. In the afternoon, she sleeps soundly while Eli and I play in the garden. I'm sure she dreams of the tomatoes and cucumbers and zucchini and green beans we are picking. In the evening, she runs around the house with her big brother. He begs me not to put her to bed. They are best friends you know. 
She's walking, she's talking, she has a mouth full of teeth, she has the most adorable chunky legs and blue eyes and bright smile. She's Emma Grace and her hair is light and it's going to be curly.
She can do whatever she fancies, because, she melts my heart daily. My Emma Grace.

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