Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning - Day 1

Welcome to my spring cleaning challenge. 
We can do this my friends, we can do this together. 
Instead of the 12 days of Christmas, I'm doing the 12 days of spring cleaning.
Each day I will post a task for you to complete, I of course, will complete the task along with you. 
I'm doing this to encourage me to get my spring cleaning done. 
Some tasks may take a little more elbow grease than others.
I repeat, we can do this my friends, we can do this together.
Day 1...
Clean out our fridge, inside and out.
Take everything out of the fridge, wipe all the shelves and drawers down. Throw away expired foods and those failed science experiments. Make sure to check those salad dressings for an expiration date. While you're at it, replace those creamy salad dressings with a basalmic vinigarette. Much better for you.
Next, clean the outside. Wipe down the doors and sides. Remove exterior clutter, but please, keep those most adorable photographs and artwork, those things make a house a home. I still have a 2008 calendar on my fridge! Finally, find a step ladder and wipe down the top of the fridge. If yours is like mine, it's super dusty.

There you go, you're done with day 1. Doesn't that feel good. Now, go outside and have a picnic.


Anonymous said...

Actually on Good Friday I was telling my friend how I had almost nothing in my fridge and needed to get to the grocery store---figuring she might have thought I was exaggerating, I took a picture of my open fridge with my camera phone and sent it to my friend's phone and she said she couldn't stop laughing when she saw how truthful I was being! I decided that day would be the perfect opportunity for me to give it a thorough cleaning since I virtually had nothing to remove to do it other than a bottle of ketchup, ovaltine, vodka and salad dressing. So happy to say, I completed THIS task just a few days ago. Sherry

Anonymous said...

Since I have company coming I worked on the two "junk" rooms...all clean! You can walk into them without worrying about breaking a leg or something!

I'll get the the fridge, I promise.

Auntie Num-Nums