Monday, April 13, 2009

Garden Dreaming

Lately, all I can think about is gardening...

How we always see a butterfly enjoying our flowers. Eli chases it around. I like to think it's the same butterfly everyday.

How I daily check out the gardens progress. Everyday as I open the picket fence, I hope for new growth overnight.

How I have gardening gloves but always choose not to use them. I love the feel of the dirt in my hands.

How I'm in the market for some new gardening clogs. I might even splurge and buy some real crocs.

How my jasmine vine is growing like crazy. I dream of the day when it covers our fence.

How my rose bushes are blooming and look just beautiful from our breakfast nook window.

How today the only two things I want to do is clean our home and plants new annuals. Marigold and petunias please!

How our stick of a peach tree has 10+ peaches on it. I often wonder how such small branches are going to hold so much fruit.

Now excuse me while I go dig in the dirt and nurture some blooms.

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Marlo =) said...


Today is the first time I've read any of your blogs. I read the ones from last week - about yours and David's journey over the last few months/years. Melissa, I am continually amazed by you. You are an amazing woman of God, a loving mother and wife, and a blessing to know. I am so thankful that we have been able to get to know each other a little. Thank you for allowing God to use you and bless you. I hope you have a fantastic week!!

Marlo =)

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