Friday, January 23, 2009

From Our Nest to Yours

Here are 20 things that made me happy today
1) This little bird and nest I created to display in our home for Valentines Day
2) I big bouquet of pink roses on our breakfast nook table given to me by my lovely husband
3) Eating Kashi cereal with super cold milk
4) 9:30pm when the children are in bed, it's quiet in the house and David and I can lay in bed watching television together
5) Valentines Day, I love everything about it
6) A knock on the door, I answered and it was my neighbor bringing us a little gift just to say she appreciates us
7) That THIS blogger is well and back to blogging. It's amazing. Read her story HERE and HERE. You'll need more than a few minutes and a few tissues
8) Talking to my mom. Her telling me the story of her recent morning walk. She got stuck in the rain. A passerby offered her a ride out of the rain. She accepted. And was taken to a nearby Starbucks to wait the rain out
9) Making a few new crafts. A couple earrings. Some Valentines with Eli. Some more earrings. I always have to be creating something
10) A job. Did I tell you I got a job? That's right. I'll be substitute teaching 2 days a week for our local school district
11) My husband. God has transformed his life, literally. Traveled to California with tons of baggage and returned home renewed, restored and released
12) The Trader Joe's cinnamon almonds my mom sent in her recent care package. Can you say yum?
13) The spring like weather today
14) Dreaming of my spring garden. Did I tell you David is going to build me THIS?
15) Watching Eli outside with David. Picture this: David giving our two 75+ pound dogs a bath while Eli's enjoying jumping in a mud hole
16) Listening to THIS song and feeling loved beyond my ability to comprehend
17) A quick visit from my sister-in-law that turned into a not so quick visit. I talked her ear off. It was as if I hadn't seen her in months
18) Baking THIS to share with THIS group
19) Staying up way too late to write this post
20) Announcing next week I will have a guest blogger. Stay tuned. Trust me, you don't want to miss this!

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